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Montana has devised for the very popular bird housing BOSTON and conversion kit to make the BOSTON and very suitable chinchillas, degus, ferrets and / or rat cage. The Degu BOSTON is in fact equipped with four metal platforms with stairs there between five metals. To show good to drink your animals and eat this cage is equipped with 6 precious drinking and feeding troughs. The BOSTON also catch plates which absorb many food residues and other tampering, in addition, a removable grille, metal drawer and sturdy wheels.
The animals in the picture are not included.
Size (WxDxH): approx 65 x 56 x 164 cm
Barspace: 15mm
Grating thickness: 3 mm
Interior height cage: 144 cm
Weight: 39 kg
Available in gray or antik Sand White Available in 2 colors

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Delivery weight: 39 kg
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