Grande Castell parrot cage color antique dark

Grande Castell parrot cage color antique dark

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Very large parrot cage, one size larger than the ordinary Castell, with aanvliegklep top of the cage. We provide you this very spacious model incl. Roost, 4 doors with RSV feed troughs, nest box doors also collecting plates, which absorb many food residues and other tampering. In addition, a removable grate and stable wheels.
(Delivery without pictured toys in the cage)

Size: approx 127 x 102 x 192 cm (without trays)
approx 147 x 122 x 192 cm (with trays)

Interior height Cage: 176 cm

Barspace: 31 mm

Lattice Thickness: 5 mm

Weight: 105.5 kg

Suitable for medium and large parrots
Available in 2 colors

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