Chinchilla I - Antik/Platinum

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Here our small rodents have enough space to climb, run and play.
Chinchilla I comes with four drink / cribs. The cage has a removable roof.
The cage can be adjusted from flat roof to pitched roof, this construction is easy to
fit and all materials are included. Four Flat Shapes und five stages in the same color
if the cage make the climbing paradise complete. Plexiglas sides to prevent the bottom of the cage
that there will be tamper-proof.
Chinchilla cage comes in different sizes.
Size (WxDxH): 60 x 60 x 170 cm
Barspace: 13mm
Grating thickness: 2 mm
Interior height cage: 134cm
Weight: 35.7 kg
Available in gray or chocolate brown antik

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